All of the colors shown here have been tournament tested by some of today's top B.A.S.S. pros. These are not just run of the mill paint jobs. THESE ARE PROVEN TOURNAMENT WINNING PAINT SCHEMES THAT HAVE WON A LOT OF MONEY AND STILL ARE! They are done one at a time by hand, and offer superior craftsmanship and best clear coat on the market. You have to see one to know what I'm talking about. Order just one and see for yourself, or check them out at one of our dealers listed on our dealers page. These colors can be painted on any brand or style of hard bodied lure. They are great on crankbaits and topwater lures. Be sure to refresh your browser. We are adding new colors all of the time! On the order page, list the style of lure, and the name of the stock color.
         LET ALL PICTURES LOAD! THEN REST MOUSE OVER PICTURE TO ENLARGE! Craw Phantom Colors can only be painted on lures with clear bills!

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          Purple and Chartreuse
      (The Original Table Rock Shad)

           Black Back Foil

               Black Back Red

           Black Back Red Foil

                  Black Eye


                   Blue Extreme

                       Blue Gill

                      Blue Shad

                   Blue Tiger

            Brown Splatter Craw

                  Bumble Bee

      Chartreuse and Purple Craw

                    Dark Back

         Golden Brown Craw

             Green Extreme

          Green Tennessee Shad


                 Hot Taco

                  Blue Moon

                  Brown Darter


  Phantom Green Craw Blue Belly

  Phantom Green Craw Purple Belly

                    House Bait 1

                      House Bait 2

                        Baby Bass

                      L C Color

                      L C Extreme

                  Norman Flake

                    Pok E Dot

                 Purple Extreme

                   Purple Haze

                   Purple Shiner

                Glimmer Back

                  Rainbow Trout

                     R C Color

              Red Orange Craw

                Scaled Clown

              Shimmering Shad

               Silver Foil Clown



               White Foil Clown

          Yellow and Brown Craw

                  Yellow Perch


                     Halo Purple

Phantom Brown Craw Orange Belly
  Phantom Brown Craw Oragne Belly

                  Missouri Craw

  Phantom Green Craw Orange Belly

                     Phantom PB&J